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The plans listed below are categorized in square footage for the structural shell of what element would provide for you. This includes; the wall and roof SIP panels, steel columns and Y-Connect beams, the necessary break metal which consists of facia, sill, flashing, pitch caps, and flash beams. Please note the floor plans can be changed as long as the steel posts remain in their original position. We will be glad to accept your plan for an estimate and for possible placement in our Plan Book as a model. The Plan Book models that have been completed display a finished photo of the project along with the progress throughout the job. The SIP panels can be used for any type of residential or commercial building structure.

The Plan Book is separated into three categories; Residential, Multi-Family and Commercial. Each category is organized by square footage. This square footage is the structural square footage of what element will provide for you. Please note the structural square footage can be considerably more than square footage under air. There are printable plans in PDF format; if you do not have a PDF reader on your computer you may download Adobe Reader (for free) from Adobe's website:

Your model can be value-converted to our system for the following:

  • A reasonable fee
  • Free if we decide your plan is usable in our Plan Book
  • Income if your plan sells you will receive a dividend

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Below is a typical sample demonstration video showing construction sequence.

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