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Our Mission : Provide rapid professional “Value Conversion” from initial customer contact through completion of scope of work utilizing the Design –Fabricate -Supply philosophy. Web based pricing allows our dealers interactive real time quotes.

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Welcome to element , We are glad you are here!

We specialize in supplying state-of-the art components for the structural shell of your building project. When you contact one of our element™ Distributors for help you will be assigned a customer representative. They will be your one stop consulting service for the duration of your project, helping you evaluate where you are in the winding path of decisions that determine your building dream. Your rep will lead you through the planning stages then introduce your needs to our group of element™ Builders for an appropriate match. Our goal is for you to complete your project then talk to everyone about our outstanding process of: Design, Fabricate, Supply.


Whether you plan to be an owner/builder or want to enlist the help of a building professional, our element™ distributor will supply you with “the right stuff”. Your distributor will help you determine your building plan and a budget for it.

You may choose from our Plan Book library or work with our Design team to customize your personal design idea. The Plan Book library includes pricing and allows the construction budgeting process to move ahead quickly.

Conversely, the Design team procedure requires more time and effort for all parties to reach a consensus on concept to engineering details and the budget required. In this case, the Design team is commissioned and works with the estimating department to provide preliminary pricing. After the approval of the preliminary estimate, then we move ahead with the completion of engineered plans and pricing.

While the design is being finalized and permittable plans are being produced you will be progressing with your finances and choice of building professionals. We will coordinate with you and put your project on schedule for our Fabrication department then on to our Supply department for timely delivery to your building site.


Many efficiencies of the element Distributor lie in the support provided by the parent company, element. The need for capital equipment is minimized by the proven Design-Fabricate-Supply philosophy.

As a job is scheduled and received by the Fabricating department, it is accompanied by permitted plans, shop drawings of SIP’s and Y-Connect components and purchase orders for all other materials to be supplied as part of the package.

The job then progresses through fabrication, starting with the cutting, detailing, numbering and stacking of the SIPs. They are then wrapped and stored ready for delivery. Inventory parts of Y-Connect components are gathered either from stock or delivered from contract manufacturers to the distributor as part of the total job. Some jobsite specific adjustments of stocked Y-Connect components are best able to be completed by the fabrication department. Due to the durable nature of the panels and Y-Connect components, with minimal packaging they can be stored outside while waiting scheduled delivery.


When the construction site has been readied by the element Builder our Supply department releases the materials for delivery. The sequence and rapid speed of installation of the SIP shell provides the schedule for supply. Typically the Extrusions, Break-metal and the Y-Connect support system are installed first, therefore delivered first. As that installation is performed, the wall panels arrive on site in large stacks. Due to the Design department’s preparations the installation sequence is pre-described and defined by the numbering sequence on the plans and on the panels. The site personnel begins by un-stacking the delivery of panels and moving them close to their installation location.

To find out how about the benefits of becoming an element dealer please send your contact information provided on the Contact page of this website.

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